Nano: the Cheapest Car Ever

Is it possible to buy a car for less than 2 000 USD? It may sound surprisingly but it's quite possible. The car called "Nano' developed by the Indian company "Tata Motors" is currently considered to be the cheapest car in the world (in its minimal package and without all the taxes that usually are included in the cost of a car) as the price of it makes up 1 979 USD or 100 000 rupees.

One of the main reasons for that ridiculous price is the fact that "Tata Motors" has demanded from the developers to change the design of each detail so that they would retain their effectiveness and productivity but require less materials to be produced. Another reason for the low price is the reduced package of this model. "Nano" lacks air conditioner, radio, power steering and air bag. But all these extra features can be added if the buyer desires to get the full package version. But all the features will require some exceeding charges. The main goal of "Tata Motors" is to meet all the minimal safety demands of the countries which its production is being supplied to. The spare wheel and the tank are situated in the front part of the model and the car battery is located right under the driver seat.

The developers of "Nano" managed to create a car with a rather spacy saloon and a good steering response. The main advantages of "Nano" are little fuel consumption, low car ownership expenditures and environmental friendliness.

The disadvantages of "Nano" may dramatically reduce the number of its possible buyers however. The one single glance upon the photo of "Nano" will be enough to see that it won't suit the European weather conditions. The matter of its safety still remains unsolved. Moreover the car is widely associated with the social status of its owner. And this one suits rather a college student than a businessman who is well-established financially.


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