How to Act If a Blackmailer Is Calling You

Nobody can say for sure that the day when the unpleasant voice from the phone receiver demands the money would never come. The phone blackmail is a common phenomenon which is typical not only of the large cities but also of the small town where nearly all the dwellers seem to know each other well. The most part of the people start panicking and worrying as soon as they hear the threats. In fact a few people know how to act in that rare and difficult situation. The blackmailers may use either sell phone or the stationery one. The aims of the criminals may differ a lot. One should take into consideration that the real blackmail is a rather rare occasion. In the most part of the cases the criminals aim to frighten their victims or fulfilling a silly prank. If the calls start annoy you but you are sure that there is nothing serious about these calls you may ask the stuff of the communication company to find out where do these calls come from.

The main thing is to define the person who invades your private life and disturbs you. In that case you would have enough data and evidence to sue the abuser. The perfect variant is to install or to activate the automatic calling line identification presentation. Almost all the people who use the phone may either use the caller identification mode but they don't. But what should one do in the case of blackmail when he hasn't the recording device at hand or can't use the call identifier. If there are two of you in the room follow these useful tips. Ask another person to support the dialogue with the blackmailer as long as possible. He should remain calm and unemotional. The task of the criminal is to suppress his victim and frighten him. In that way it becomes clear that the more cool and detached you sound the more efforts the criminal will make to scare you and the longer the whole conversation will be. While your ally is hanging on the phone try to slip into you neighbors' house and ask to use their phone. Call your operator and find out who is occupying your line right now. After that you may call the police.

If you are alone don't panic. Place you receiver on the table and look for the nearest phone to call the police. While you hold on the line the phone number of the criminal can be identified.


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