Living in a city vs. Living in suburbs

I believe many of us asked themselves a question: where should I live when I settle down? A small cute apartment or a house? A city that never sleeps or suburbs? Some choose a city, some choose to move to a small quiet town. These are very good questions and I believe that your choice depends on the type of your personality, and of course it depends on your lifestyle. When something is very hard to decide we make the list: pros and cons. And I made this list for you, hope it will help you a little.

Living in a city.


  • There are a lot of opportunities, a good choice of jobs. In a city you have a chance to do whatever you want, whatever you like and of course, you can find a job that is both: pleasant and well-paid;
  • Of course you can live in suburbs and still work in a city, but if you live in a city, you are closer to your work place;
  • There is much more entertainment in a city: there are all kinds of cafes, theaters, galleries, flash mobs, artists singing and dancing in the streets;
  • A city can be compelling and fascinating: the lights of a city at night, the sightseeing’s, beautiful buildings; most cities are breathing with history;
  • You can buy whatever you want: there is a wider range of goods;
  • You can always find a clinic where work the best doctors of the country you live in;
  • You don’t have to spend money on gas, as you don’t really need a car in a city.


  • Where there is city there is often dirt, many streets are trashed;
  • Bad ecological environment;
  • Traffic jams;
  • Too many people in the malls and the streets are too crowded;
  • Higher crime rates;
  • GM foods.

Living in suburbs.


  • Let’s face it: living in your own big house is way better than living in a small apartment;
  • The air is cleaner; the life is quieter; the grass is greener;
  • It is safer is a small town or in suburbs;
  • You can get a dog;
  • You can grow your own tomatoes;
  • You are probably going to have a car and you will get to work with comfort;
  • People in suburbs and in small towns are more friendly and close to each other, it is easier to make friends;


  • You will have to spend money on gas, and you will not avoid traffic jam as you drive a car, and a subway is not an option for you;
  • If you need to buy something for your house, you may need to go to a city as there is a better choice;
  • It may get boring if you like active way of life;
  • The best hospitals are in cities.

I hope this will help you to decide what you want, maybe I listed some things that you didn’t think about before.

I wish you luck from the bottom of my heart.


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