To What Weird Results Democracy Can Lead

Democracy gives us the right to form different political parties and participate in elections if the principles of the election campaign do not contradict the base human rights and liberties. However, some political parties can cause only shock and surprise the voters by their weirdness. It is even more surprising that some of these parties even gain considerable support and enter the parliament.

For example, in Sweden still exists the Donald Duck Party which is presented by its only member and founder Bosse Person. This Party reached the top of its popularity in 1991 when it gained 1335 voices of the voters. The provisions of the political program of the Donald Duck Party are as weird as its title – free liquor, wider pavements and higher curbs to prevent the car owners from parking in the pedestrian zone.

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7 Fun Things To Do In Sims

1. Create a simself and watch what he/she will evolve into.

2. Create two completely different sims (for example a super goody good sim and an evil one, or very clean and neat and an extremely messy one, or fat sim and healthy and fit sim) and make them live in the same house. Enable free mode and see what’s happening!

3. Invite all your enemies to a party and kill them all. There are dozens of methods: you can wait until they are all in the swimming pool and remove all the pool steps. Alternatively, you can buy a lot of rockets and wait until your guests felt the urge to play with them. When the rocket lands it starts a fire and kills everyone in the room. Don’t forget to remove the doors before the action starts.

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Freeganism vs. Consumption

Consumption nowadays can be considered not only as a way of life or some social ideology, but as a kind of religion as well. People buy everything not giving a thought to the necessity of goods they purchase. There is no wonder that this philosophy of mad consumption gave birth to the movement of its antagonists which call themselves freegans.

Freegans refuse to follow the principles of consumption and try to reduce the amount of resources they use to a minimum level. They do not even by food, but find it in the garbage and on dumps instead. Freegans do not participate in money turnover and get the needed things with the help of simple exchange to express their protest against the process of globalization of the world’s economics.

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Why Is It So Hard To Occupy Yourself With Workouts?

All of us promised ourselves to start visiting gym at least 2-3 days a week. But how many promises were fulfilled? Frequent customers of gyms say that many new visitors come usually after the big holidays and before the summer season. They realize that their bodies need correction and decide to sacrifice a couple of hours a week to do some workouts and lose weight. Sad to say, most of them attend a gym for a month or so and then quit.

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Shopping addiction.

Some of my friends are shopping addicts. They are ready to spend the money compulsively. Why do they do it? Some of them just want to acquire things no matter whether they need them. To tell the truth I can understand them. Well, sometimes I do shopping just for fun. I mean I feel excited if I can buy what I want. And I know that it is difficult to keep the situation under control. But I try to do my best. But you know some people fail. As the result the go deep into debts and they literally can’t stop. I have noticed that quite often I do like what I buy and I feel even excited that I have bought this or that thing. But later I can forget about it. I mean I may buy another dress that seems to me fabulous and then I do not wear it. I have enough but anyway I want to have more. This habit is terrible I know. But I know that some people do shopping almost every day. And strangely enough they are sure that they need everything they are going to buy. Well, then it is a problem indeed. “I feel stressful, I need to relax“, says a friend of mine. And for her to relax means to go shopping.

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Kids Photo Shooting: Tips For The Best Pics

Kids are the naughtiest models for a photographer. They never sit still, refuse to obey, cry and misbehave. Nevertheless, parents want to see their offspring happy and natural on the photos. So, how on Earth can you cope with their disobedience and shoot quality pics that will appeal to the parents? Check some tips that I use when work with children.

Kids are the most sincere and ingenious creatures in the world. This is their major minus and plus at the same time when it comes to photography. Everybody feels uncomfortable in the very beginning of the session, but while adults can collect their thought together and give a strained chuckle, kids won’t hide their feelings. If they are scared or confused, they’d cry and shudder upon their moms and dads. Avoid any intrusive moves and don’t try to force a kid to do something. Give a chubby lad some time to get used to you and the new environment.

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Choosing A Used Car: Tips And Tricks

Everybody has to face this problem sooner or later. As a rule, newbies in driving opt for used cars due to the lack of experience. Indeed, there are lots of advantages of buying a secondhand vehicle. Firstly, it’s cheaper. You can save a lot of money as compared to buying a brand new car. Secondly, small accidents and scratches on the bodywork are almost inevitable while you are learning the science of driving. Thus, you won’t regret it that much. And finally, the repair works of an old vehicle will cost you times cheaper than those of a new car. But how to choose the best variant among used cars in order to avoid its turning into a permanent pain in the neck for you?

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