Your Healthy Skin

Healthy skin, shining with beauty is a dream of every woman. And not only women. People are ready to pay big money and go through a lot of trouble in order to have healthy and smooth skin.

There are the following types of problems:

1.Acne scars and acne;

2.Arterial spiders and varicose veins (although it is not exactly a skin problem);

3.Black spots on the nose / near nose / chin and some other areas;


5.Oily T-zone;

6. Dark eye circles.

And there are two ways to deal with these problems: MEDICAL HELP (+HELP OF A COSMETICIAN) or the wisdom of nature (all kinds of plants, including masks made of them).

Let’s start with the first one.

As I already said, there are many procedures that can help your skin:

Peeling (helps to get rid of acne scars and acne, black spots, oily T-zone). This is the procedure of peeling off the dead skin cells in order to make your skin clean and let it breathe. This procedure includes massaging your skin with scrubs that contain special chemical elements. The skin after peeling may be a little red, so you will need to forget about make up for a week or two. This procedure should be done

Laser therapy (helps to get rid of arterial spiders and varicose veins, acne scars and acne, wrinkles). But one should remember, different kinds of lasers affect different layers of skin. So to fight acne, scars, arterial spiders, veins and wrinkles different kinds of laser beams are going to be used. How many times you will need to do this depends on how big your problem is. In some cases 1 – 2 procedures is enough, in more difficult cases it takes about 10 procedures or more.

Collagen shots (help to get rid of scars and wrinkles). Collagen is an important element for skin: it speeds up the process of skin regeneration, new cells grow, skin becomes smooth and looks younger, scars become smaller or almost invisible. With time they may disappear completely. The number of procedure you will need is purely individual.

Now let’s talk about “easier ways” to forget about skin problems: such as MASKS AND PLANTS. Using these methods, you will have to wait for the result longer but it is safer and cheaper.

Clay mask. It affects the color of your skin: makes it lighter, the red acne spots become lighter and gradually disappear. This mask also dries out existing acne and is good if you have oily T-zone.

Camomile ice. You will need to mix 1-2 spoons of dry camomile with the hot water you just boiled and let it stay in a covered glass for 15 minutes. Then you will need to strain it, and fill your ice-tray with this brounish chamomile water. Every morning take 1 piece of chamomile ice and run it all over our face. The result: you skin is nice and fresh with no dark eye circles.

Chocolate mask. Melt dark chocolate and mix it with a little bit of oil. Your mask is ready. Result: springy skin.


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