Choosing a bicycle.

Finally you have decided to buy a bicycle. But do not rush into buying it without thinking. There are so many bicycles that it is really easy to get confused. First of all you should learn about the types of bicycles available today. And then choose what you want depending on your needs. Where are you going to ride it? In the countryside or in the city? Or probably both? Remember that it is really important to decide between different types. I mean it can be really uncomfortable to ride a mountain bike in the city. This type of bicycle is intended mainly for rocky trails. In case you are going to ride a bike around the town then you'd better buy a standard bicycle. At the same time standard bikes are single speed. It means that this bike requires much effort and energy to ride. Road bikes are intended for long rides around the town. So as you can see it is pretty important to find the right type of bike.

The bikes can be divided into several groups including recreational, urban, and women bikes. Recreational bikes are believed to be the most comfortable. They are very good for beginners who are going to ride in the parks or take family rides. Urban bikes are also good for riding around the city. Women bicycles have distinct design and developed according to female body proportions.

Before buying a bike I recommend you to have a test ride. It would help you to decide whether the type you have chosen is exactly for you. The bike you are going to buy must fit you. Otherwise it is waste of money. And of course it is about safety mainly. If it doesn't fit you then you will be simply exhausted after each ride.


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