To What Weird Results Democracy Can Lead

Democracy gives us the right to form different political parties and participate in elections if the principles of the election campaign do not contradict the base human rights and liberties. However, some political parties can cause only shock and surprise the voters by their weirdness. It is even more surprising that some of these parties even gain considerable support and enter the parliament.

For example, in Sweden still exists the Donald Duck Party which is presented by its only member and founder Bosse Person. This Party reached the top of its popularity in 1991 when it gained 1335 voices of the voters. The provisions of the political program of the Donald Duck Party are as weird as its title – free liquor, wider pavements and higher curbs to prevent the car owners from parking in the pedestrian zone.

Love Party in Italy was founded in 1991 is meant not to promote romantic principles in policy but to fight for better sex education, legalization of whorehouses and creation special “love parks”. The founders of this ridiculous political party are Italian porn stars Moana Pozzi and Ilona Staller which is also known as Cicciolona. It is interesting that the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who is a famous playboy politician has never supported this party.

Union of Conscientiously Work-Shy Elements in Denmark has even entered the Parliament in 1994 to the great surprise of the society and the founder of the party, Jacob Hauggard, himself. The promises made by this party might have attracted the voices of the voters by their simplicity. The provisions of the political program include, for instance, better weather, the right to impotency, more bread for the ducks in the park, eight hours of sleep, rest and work and other simple joys of life. Another reason for the success of this party may be that Hauggard provided his supporters with free beer and sausages in the end of every election tour.

Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party, unfortunately, has not won the place in the Parliament so far despite its outstanding political program. Among their provisions are two sunsets a day, eternal life and world peace as well as less ambitious promises such as free beer and lower taxes. However, the perspective of eternal life did not attract the voters so may be the next time the party will promise to provide them with the sense of humor.

These political parties, while producing no harm, make the political world brighter and draw the public attention to the political events.


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