7 Fun Things To Do In Sims

1. Create a simself and watch what he/she will evolve into.

2. Create two completely different sims (for example a super goody good sim and an evil one, or very clean and neat and an extremely messy one, or fat sim and healthy and fit sim) and make them live in the same house. Enable free mode and see what’s happening!

3. Invite all your enemies to a party and kill them all. There are dozens of methods: you can wait until they are all in the swimming pool and remove all the pool steps. Alternatively, you can buy a lot of rockets and wait until your guests felt the urge to play with them. When the rocket lands it starts a fire and kills everyone in the room. Don’t forget to remove the doors before the action starts.

4. Create a ghost or Frankenstein family. To do that, you are supposed to create a regular family, then kill one of them and wait for Death to come. Ask her to leave your dead family member alive and probably she’ll do that.

5. Go from rags to riches. Don’t use any codes or cheats to make more money and start building your new sim life with an initial tiny budget. Live in a shabby little house, work on a poor-paid job but do your best to grow and become rich and famous. It may take time, but it’s worth trying.

6. Create a superfat and superskinny sims using the cheats and make them “dance close” and see if the skinny sim goes into the fat one if the graphics play up.

7. Work miracles with the tools. You can buy lamps and look what the gin will surprise you with; get several chemistry sets and make the potions and then drink them; or you can buy a telescope and spend some time looking at it every day – after a while, a spaceship will appear on your backyard and kidnap your sim.


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