Freeganism vs. Consumption

Consumption nowadays can be considered not only as a way of life or some social ideology, but as a kind of religion as well. People buy everything not giving a thought to the necessity of goods they purchase. There is no wonder that this philosophy of mad consumption gave birth to the movement of its antagonists which call themselves freegans.

Freegans refuse to follow the principles of consumption and try to reduce the amount of resources they use to a minimum level. They do not even by food, but find it in the garbage and on dumps instead. Freegans do not participate in money turnover and get the needed things with the help of simple exchange to express their protest against the process of globalization of the world’s economics.

Freegans have their own code of honor – they preserve the area around dumpsters clean and do not use waste bins of hospitals for their purposes as a measure of precaution. Most freegans are vegans. In fact, the name “freegan” has originated from “vegans” but developed into an independent movement of freeganism soon.

However, do not associate freegans with homeless people who eat what they can get. Freegans mostly use the food which was thrown away by supermarkets for being slightly defective but still eatable.

Being a freegan helps to save money and establish new principles of economic relations in the society. However, it is important to note that taking anything from waste bins is considered to be illegal in some areas, so you should study the local law carefully before entering this movement. Another disadvantage of being a freegan is negative attitude to their behavior by some members of the society. No matter, what high idea you follow, diving into waste binds is still viewed with disapproval and disgust as well.


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