Why Is It So Hard To Occupy Yourself With Workouts?

All of us promised ourselves to start visiting gym at least 2-3 days a week. But how many promises were fulfilled? Frequent customers of gyms say that many new visitors come usually after the big holidays and before the summer season. They realize that their bodies need correction and decide to sacrifice a couple of hours a week to do some workouts and lose weight. Sad to say, most of them attend a gym for a month or so and then quit.


Usually, people just overestimate their power of will. They say: “I’m fat, it’s time to change it! I can do it, I can do it, I can…” So, they go and buy a membership but fail to attend it regularly. That’s why many gyms don’t offer one-time visits and you can only buy a long-term membership. They know that many people won’t use these memberships and miss the classes, so thus they can make more money out of public.

You can call this phenomenon laziness, but scientists have another term. They call it hyperbolic discounting. According to this theory, people pay more attention to their short-run well being instead of thinking about perspective benefits. Hyperbolic discounting is also the reason why drug addicts don’t quit taking drugs: it’s easier for them to get a dose instead of suffering from withdrawal pains.

Cheating on your trainer or playing truant, YOU DECEIVE NO ONE BUT YOURSELF! Think about what you are paying for. It’s easy when you go regular shopping because the results are to be seen immediately: you pay and grab your dress/donut/car. That’s another reason why people procrastinate or quit attending gym. It seems like you pay a lot of money for nothing, suffer and don’t see the results at once. It feels like you pay for the torture. But training at the gym is not like regular shopping. Basically, it is not a purchase, but an INVESTMENT! Investment in your future self – fit, sexy and beautiful.

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