Shopping addiction.

Some of my friends are shopping addicts. They are ready to spend the money compulsively. Why do they do it? Some of them just want to acquire things no matter whether they need them. To tell the truth I can understand them. Well, sometimes I do shopping just for fun. I mean I feel excited if I can buy what I want. And I know that it is difficult to keep the situation under control. But I try to do my best. But you know some people fail. As the result the go deep into debts and they literally can’t stop. I have noticed that quite often I do like what I buy and I feel even excited that I have bought this or that thing. But later I can forget about it. I mean I may buy another dress that seems to me fabulous and then I do not wear it. I have enough but anyway I want to have more. This habit is terrible I know. But I know that some people do shopping almost every day. And strangely enough they are sure that they need everything they are going to buy. Well, then it is a problem indeed. “I feel stressful, I need to relax“, says a friend of mine. And for her to relax means to go shopping.

It should be admitted that shopping addiction is accompanied with other disorders such as mood disorder, personality disorder and some others. So I suppose that one should take it seriously.

Unfortunately not many are ready to admit that they are addicted. I mean for many it is just okay. Of course if you are wealthy and may afford to buy whatever you want then it would not be a problem for you. But if you are not it may cause some problems.

To avoid shopping addiction one should distinguish between I need and I want. Just try to do it. I’m sure that you do not need all the things you want to acquire. You should purchase exactly what you need. Be strict with yourself. You should realize that you are addicted and that it is serious disorder which may cause financial and even psychological problems. Probably you need special treatment. Some people even need medical treatment.

Try to relax in a different way. There are so many things you may try in your life to control stress. Just try to think it over.



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