Choosing A Used Car: Tips And Tricks

Everybody has to face this problem sooner or later. As a rule, newbies in driving opt for used cars due to the lack of experience. Indeed, there are lots of advantages of buying a secondhand vehicle. Firstly, it’s cheaper. You can save a lot of money as compared to buying a brand new car. Secondly, small accidents and scratches on the bodywork are almost inevitable while you are learning the science of driving. Thus, you won’t regret it that much. And finally, the repair works of an old vehicle will cost you times cheaper than those of a new car. But how to choose the best variant among used cars in order to avoid its turning into a permanent pain in the neck for you?

  1. First f all, remember that used cars dealerships are not the only places to purchase a used car. Feel free to browse the web and also check the ads in local newspapers. As a rule, they have hundreds of listings to search, and prices can be much lower than those in the dealerships.
  2. Run a car history search. That’s absolutely crucial if you don’t want to get into trouble. You can check a used car history on AutoCheck in order to make sure it wasn’t previously stolen or wrecked. You have to admit that any used car has a history, and as long as a previous owner wants to say goodbye to the car, it can mean that the history is not very good. All in all, play safe and check the background of your car-to-be before paying for it.
  3. If you are on your budget, feel free to apply for a used car loan. Basically, there are two types of such loans: the first one is when buying from an official dealership; the second one is when purchasing directly from an owner. Most banks would issue a loan if the car is not older than 4-5 years. Interest rate depends on your credit score. If it is not very good, you’d probably better try to go another way and either go for a one-time payment or postpone the purchase.
  4. If you buy from a private party, you can haggle with the owner. The better preliminary research you carry out the better price you may negotiate.
  5. Get a warranty. I know, that can be quite challenging when it comes to an old secondhand car, but still, it is possible. The point is, when you buy, say, four or five years old vehicle, its manufacturer warranty is expired. Thus, you’ll be in charge for paying all the repair costs. There are a lot of warranty websites to be found. Check them out in order to get an extended warranty.
  6. The so-called Lemon Law will help you to cancel the deal in case your old car fails to pass inspection. Nevertheless, Lemon Law is considered to be legitimate only in the states of New York, Massachusetts and a couple of others. Thus, check if this law works in your state.

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