Lollipop Chainsaw

Meet Juliet Starling! She is beautiful, witty and sporty and athletic. But her 18th birthday is blackened by a sad event. One of her friends, stupid Swan, accidentally opens the Gates o fHell at school and the town is being invaded by awful monsters and zombies made out of the citizens. And from now on they are looking for blood and brains! Nevertheless, such stuff can’t embarrass Juliet. So this girl puts a strawberry lollipop back into her mouth, turns on the chainsaw decorated with pink hearts and starts chopping up all those disgusting creatures.

Lollipop Chainsaw is a new gaming masterpiece by Goita Suda. In his early years Suda used to be an undertaker (interesting fact!). Now, he’s the Director General of the Grasshopper Interactive company and the developer of many famous games.

If you are interested in the genre of this game, I think it’s more likely to call Lollipop Chainsaw a slasher. Most time spent in the game you will have to kill, cut, thirl someone without remorse and regret. Lollipop Chainsaw doesn’t have any puzzles or quests, no complications at all. You just have to fulfill the norm of killed undead which increases from level to level. Sometimes, you meet living beings on your way and it’s highly important for them not to be killed by a mistake, because they turn into especially angry zombies. Be attentive!

Nevertheless Lollipop Chainsaw is chilled by funny mini-games. For example at one level, Juliet sees a big Birthday cake and she will have to survive for 5 minutes and defend the cake from kamikaze zombie. Or there is a basketball game with cut off heads instead of regular basketball balls;)

As you can understand, the main weapon is the mentioned above chainsaw which has two mods: vertical hit and horizontal low hit. The last is very good against crawling zombies. Closer to the middle of the game the chainsaw gets an upgrade – the skill of shooting and from the moment on, the game acquires some basic elements of the shooter. Nevertheless, the amount of bullets is strictly limited, so this upgrade is not so good and preferable.

One more interesting characteristic: Juliet Starling is not alone in her fight against monsters. She’s got the head of her boyfriend Nick Carlisle fastened to her belt. He was unlucky to be bitten by a zombie but Juliet managed to save her beloved by a magic ritual. So these two guys will always be together I guess;) Anyway, it’s a pure delight to listen to their argument and conversation all the time. And by the way, the sobriety of the head without a body marvelously contrasts with the light-mindlessness of the girl who enjoys killing zombies here and there and everywhere.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this game and I have no doubts it is going to be the bestseller soon. Much fun, easy controls. The main weak point of the Lollipop Chainsaw product is quite poor graphics, but I’m sure this will be improved in soonest updates.


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