How to Forgive a Cheating boy-friend.

It is hard to forgive when you are betrayed and cheated by a man you rely on and trust. I can imagine how terrible and difficult it might be. I met several couples who came through it. And it was hard for both partners as well. One of them is betrayed and another feels guilty. It is very difficult to overcome the problem especially if it happens in a family. Some women manage do not notice that their husbands are cheating. And that’s terrible. Some women decide to file for divorce. But there are women who due to some reasons try to forgive. It takes time and patience. Some do fail. If you want to forgive your boy-friend or husband let’s try to sort out in the problem and understand what you should do to forgive.

Men tend to think that the reason of cheating is woman and her attitude to a partner. It is true that sometimes it is our fault indeed. It can be so. But in case you are cheated first of all you should overcome that horrible feeling. Actually you can’t change the situation that has already happened. Try to change your attitude to it.

First of all try to focus your attention on something that doesn’t refer to deception and betrayal. I know that for the first time it is almost impossible. But you have to. Try to avoid a feeling you are a victim. It hurts I know. But to be and pretend you are a victim wouldn’t help you. It is painful but you must forget it otherwise it would destroy you emotionally. Desperation is not a way out. It would be much easier for you to complain about. But you should realize you have chosen another way. Sometimes you have to persuade yourself that you are a survivor. And remember that you are the only person who is able to keep under control the situation and everything, absolutely everything depends on you. Of course your partner bears responsibility for the situation as well. But try not to blame him and criticize all the time even though it might be his guilt. If you want to save your relations you have to be stronger as never before. It would be no less stressful than to realize you are betrayed. You will notice every single mistake he makes but please try to calm down and just ignore trivial matters. Something banal can fuel more serious. But we are trying to forgive not to blame and hate. Remember it was your own decision. No one made you do it.

Take care!

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