Chinese Medicine – Wisdom of the East

Nowadays the methods practiced in the Chinese medicine have become quite popular as people believe that thoroughly cleaned meridians and proper green tea is an excellent cure from serious diseases or even extra weight. However, the centuries of gaining knowledge and involving them in the quintessence of the Eastern wisdom need to be approached more seriously.

The Chinese medicine can be also called “the medicine of the middle” as the main aim of this practice is to find your own golden mean when all your inner systems and organs will work harmoniously. That’s why the physician will be able to prescribe you some medicine only after examining you in person and defining your unique golden medium.

The Chinese medicine is a kind of philosophy which can be difficult to understand for people of other cultures. There are no specializations in it because a person is viewed as a single system. Every organ bears the energy of a certain element – the heart bears the energy of fire, the liver – of wood, the kidneys – of water, the lungs – of metal.

Another principle of this medicine is that you should not hurry. Traditional methods are created for long periods of time. First, you drink herbs for a week or two, then comes acupuncture and Chinese massage which will not bring fast results. So, if you want to cure acute infectious diseases which need to be treated fast, it is better to apply to the Western ways of treatment.

Besides, the Chinese medicine is incompatible with unhealthy habits and passivity. You will have to drink herbal teas, observe the regime and even do some exercises to make the process of treatment more effective. All in all, this method will suit those people who can afford to spend a couple of months in contemplation of themselves and the world surrounding them.

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