Hotel Tips For On-Budget Travelers

Needless to say, vacation can cost you an arm and a leg. Tickets alone are extremely expensive (especially in high season), and finding an affordable dwelling is also a daunting task. Even if you happen to be lucky enough to catch lightning in a bottle and find a cheap hotel in high season, there are still several ways to save even more money. How? Check the tips that I have figured out during my trips.

  1. Search For Special Offers And Programs
  2. Every hotel chain offers special programs every now and then. One of these programs presupposes the discounts for multiple stays. Thus, if you travel a lot, try to stay at the same hotel chain every time in order to get a discount for future visits.

  3. Save Money On Food
  4. Alongside with flight and housing expenditures, food is another thing that can suck your wallet dry, especially if you are traveling with kids. These little gluttons seem to be always hungry and there’s no other way to make them sit still and be quite but shouting their mouths with something delicious. Restaurants in the hotels are usually quite expensive, so eating in is a good idea. Opt for the hotel rooms with the refrigerators. You can buy cheaper food in the supermarkets and load the fridge. Thus, you will always have some snacks and be sure you have an ultimate tool to shut your little noisy sweets-munchers up.

  5. Search For Discounts For Travelers With Kids
  6. With the respect to the previous point, you can search for the hotels that offer special discounts and benefits for those who travel with children. For example, some all-inclusive hotels charge per-person regardless of the age. Double-check your hotel doesn’t require paying for children before you check in. Some hotels also offer free breakfasts for kids, which is nice to know.

  7. Check The Packages
  8. Do you know that some traveling companies offer discounts for one-time bookings? For instance, if you book a hotel room and a flight at the same time, your savings can add up dramatically.

  9. Do The Bookings Beforehand
  10. Many people suffer from procrastination and do their bookings at the very last moment. This is a big mistake in terms of economy. The earlier you book a room the cheaper it costs. It is a good idea to browse the web and carry on a quick research on what’s available in your desired area. Check as many websites as you can and make a list of variants. The point is the cost of the rooms of the same quality may vary from website to website. You can save up to $50 per night if did your research job carefully.

  11. Cheat!

The last tip that I used to apply for myself during my last trip to Europe is a little bit too hardcore, but it really helped me out a lot. As you know, traveling and eating in Europe means paying through your nose. By the end of my trip I was totally broke, so I decided to cheat. There was a buffet restaurant in my hotel, so I used to make a couple of sandwiches during the breakfast, wrapped them in a paper bag and took them away. Luckily, the waiter wasn’t very attentive 🙂

Have a safe and a cheap trip!


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