Help me to decide where to go for these holidays!

This summer I’m going to visit … well I haven’t decided yet where to go. I can’t decide between France, Portugal and Sweden. I’ve been already to some of these countries actually. But some of them are just so magnetic and attract me again and again when I’m trying to plan my vacation. This time I would like to go somewhere I haven’t been to yet… or may be not. I do not know! Help needed!

Frankly speaking I haven’t been to France. For me to go to this country means to go with a man you love ardently. The image of the country is very romantic and it has been nurtured by movies and French music (especially by Serge Gainsbourg and Charles Aznavour’s songs). But they say that France is overcrowded with tourists at the time, especially Paris. Well, it is not a problem at all for me even though some tourists are so annoying! Anyway the problem for me is absolutely different. Recently I have surfed the Internet and found many articles and posts on myths and stereotypes about France and French people. For example, they say the French are very arrogant and rude. So you are obliged to speak fluent French and if you ask the way in English you will hardly get an answer. Probably they would understand you and wouldn’t tell you a word. Pretty unpleasant information, right? Hopefully this is just another cultural difference and misunderstanding appearing between the French and those who do not know basic terms of this country.

Let’s continue. I was in Portugal last summer and I enjoyed my trip. I fell in love with this country and people living over there. I enjoyed visiting coastal towns, very cozy and nice to stay. I met many interesting people who were very kind to me and open-minded. They were very simple and easy going. They say that Portuguese people are melancholic and reserved, culturally oriented and very formal while communicating. For me it is a mere nonsense. And it doesn’t matter how old they are. I met very pleasant and careless elderly people not to mention teenagers. But it is just my very personal opinion. You decide if I’m right or not…

Sweden… well, I visit this country frequently even though the climate and the weather differ from those place I got used to live. But Sweden is unique. I love its nature and culture of course. I love spending my time wandering alone around tiny streets of Stockholm. I feel very comfortable when I visit this country. The main stereotype about the Swedes is that they are tall, blonde with blue eyes, reserved and almost silent. Well, it is half true. I met some people of such an appearance and temper. But it means nothing actually.

The worst thing I have ever heard about Swedes is that they are desperate drunks. Well, even though the climate is temperate and sometimes pretty severe it also means nothing. Moreover they say that Swedes are melancholic and depressive. It is outrageous lie! I know some Swedish musicians. To tell the truth I have never met so funny and interesting guys who enjoy their lives at full. By the way Swedish music serves as evidence to it. No depression in Sweden at all!

Writing this post it seems like I have decided where to go! Have good holidays this summer!

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